Adrenals May Be Held Culprit For Acne

Acne is a disease that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles. Human skin has pores which connect to the oil glands. Acne occurs mainly during puberty when the oil glands come to life by getting stimulated by the adrenal glands. The production of sebum, an oily liquid increases. The sebum carries the dead cells through the follicles to the skin surface. A hair grows through the follicle. Pimples result when the oil accumulates under the skin. The body responds to all this clogging by sending white blood cells to the area.

The hormonal changes in the body can occur during teenage, pregnancy or after taking certain medications that contain hormones. A strong immune system however should be able to fight against infections. The first step in preventing acne is keeping the hands and hair away from the face as much as possible. This is because our hands may transfer not only dirt but also harmful germs on to our face. The hair is very oily and thus may transfer oils onto the face. Regular hand washing should greatly reduce infections transferred thus. Care should also be taken to hold the telephone receivers away from the face while talking. Mobile phones, however are more in more popular use now. They can harbour a great variety of germs and should also possibly be sanititized with a antibacterial gel. Shared computer monitors get all sorts of fingers on them. So hand washing after use is safer.

The sun can dry out the skin. Therefore it is important to not only moisturise, but also ensure that the skin is cleaned regularly using a mild soap. Sun screen used to used when on holiday and also during the hotter days if outdoors activities are expected to be carried out. If water intake is difficult to keep then, then ensure a steady supply of bottled water. This applies to teenagers who may be travelling around a lot on their jobs. Examples are postmen, delivery men, tradesmen and salesmen.

Sedentary activity for long periods of time should be avoided. A little break in between would help in boosting circulation which would in turn work wonders for the immune system. If possible regular exercise in the form of regular gym going, swimming or any types of sports should be attempted.

Certain herbal remedies may be sort in case of severe infections. Certain clear complexion tablets can help by cleansing the skin from the inside where normal soap and water would not reach. This helps to prevent acne outbreaks.